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Marketing is changing, so why not attract new Customers with the latest social technology such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Web 2.0, Google local search… the list goes on. How will these new technologies affect your business? And who can you trust to help you benefit from these changes? We specialize in interactive, database driven sites including CMS websites and e-commerce online stores such as WordPress. We integrate them with Social Media Marketing and other new technologies so you can reduce your marketing costs, while you beat your competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Refers to techniques used to achieve high rankings in search results of search engines. We provide custom strategies that include natural search engine optimization to companies of all sizes.
We combine search engine technology, editorial expertise and site submission experience to deliver results. Combined with a PPCMS, your company can dominate relevant keywords that will enhance all of your marketing efforts.

Pay Per Click Marketing Strategy (PPCMS)

PPCMS is an aggressive listing system on search engines that allows your business to bid for key words and phrases that are relevant to your business. This auction style platform dictates the listings in a way that allows you to have complete control on your placement, your budget and results. At the top of the search engine results page are advertisers who are paying to be listed under the specific keyword(s) which a potential client has initiated a search. The highest bidder appearing first, the second appearing second and so on. You only pay for the Internet traffic that is delivered to your web site and the online management system allows you to plan a focused strategy, test it and make adjustments as the results are recorded.


Reach out to your client with an automated e-newsletter. Announce special promotions, industry news or new product launches. We can integrate the newsletter directly into your website. A true e-marketing website reaches out to your customer and tells them everyday that you are here to help them. Our team will study your customer, develop key features that your clients will find valuable, and then integrate the features into your newsletter and website.
Launching a comprehensive e-newsletter can be the foundation of your new marketing initiative. Your newsletter and website is designed to bring customers to your door and keep them. A client focused program brings functionality and value to your customers, it becomes a resource that is important to their business.