Health Wealth and Widsom w/ Bernando Lapallo

Health, Wealth & Wisdom with 110 year old Bernardo Lapallo

In the summer of 2010 in Mesa, AZ, I had the pleasure of meeting 109 year old Bernando Lapallo, who was born in Brazil in 1901. He is the author of “Age Less/Live More: Achieving Health and Vitality at 107 and Beyond.” At age 110, LaPallo is the world’s oldest blogger.

Bernando Lapallo was born in Brazil on August 17, 1901, and moved with his family to the US at age five. He grew up in New York, were he has lived most of his life for 90 years. Bernardo LaPallo attributes his health and longevity to a pescetarian and raw food diet and various other natural and alternative health habits.  When I first saw him I truly thought he was at least 70 yrs old, lol. He was glad to see that a young man such as I am was seeking a healthier life. We had a 3 hour conversation and here are some notes about his life and some “jewels” that he provided me while talking with him.

Bernando has been a Vegan since he has 5 years old, his father was a doctor and a vegan also.  When he was young, he did everything his farther told him to do because the Bible gave directions “to obey your parents” so that your days will be longer.  His Daughter was an Actress with Bill Cosby, Lee Chamberlin & Sidney Poitier in the 1970’s, he also mentions that she is good friends with Tina Turner.  He has a Granddaughter who is 45 but looks like 20 because of her vegan diet. All of Bernando’s children went to in Europe, he believes that the education there is better.

When it comes to your body and health, everyday Bernando gets up and runs a mile every morning to keep the body in good condition.  He recommends bathing and messaging your feet in Olive oil. “Its good to message your feet in Olive oil, eventually you will have no corns or bunions and messaging your body in Olive oil to make your skin feel smooth“.  He mentioned that Olive oil was used 7000 years before Christ; make sure to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, he uses no regular lotion.

When he talked about eating Bernando emphasis that cooking your foods because cooking your foods kills the nutrients.  He mentioned in the Bible that you are supposed to eat in moderation and not in a fast pace. Although he said that you can eat a piece of cake once in a while :-).  He also stated that “your supposed to eat only at certain times of the day and make sure you sit down and it and relax afterwards. As opposed to eat on  the go like fastfood drive thru’s“.  Bernando states “The only meat we should eat is Lamb because Lamb was eatin at the lords supper” and “we should clean out colon on a regular basis“.  He also gave me a key Bible verse saying ” Your body is your temple, so got to take care of it.~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20“. As for when it comes to Animals we should respect them and treat them equally because God gave every animal a defense.

Bernando also mentioned the importance of water to our everyday lives, he stated that “Water is the most powerful thing on earth, even the Titanic was sunk by an Iceberg which was made up of water” besides the destructive nature of water, water can be used in a positive way to heal our bodies.  Bernando mentions to drink “Alkaline water” which is the best water you can give to your body.  One last key that he gave me was the “Reflexology” is the key to relaxing.

For more information about Bernado Lapallo you can check out his facebook page

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